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Concrete Redi-Mix and Pumping

Haas Sons, Inc. currently has Redi-mixed concrete at 10 locations- Abbotsford, Bloomer,  Eau Claire,  Ladysmith, Thorp, Wausau and Wilson, Medford, Jump River, and Cornell. We also provide pump trucks for faster placement and greater accuracy. We have been serving customers throughout Central Wisconsin for 20 years: "Producing quality concrete at a competitive price."

Our Fleet:

  • 80 Front Discharge Redi-mix Trucks

  • 2 Concrete Pump Trucks (42 Meter & 39 Meter)

  • 2 Portable plants that produces 140 yards per hour 

  • State of the art mix designs done at our full-time testing/QMP Lab

We Offer:

  • Monday thru Friday and seasonal Saturday Delivery

  • Concrete Sealers and supplies

  • Color Options available as onsite additive

  • ¾”,1 1/2", or 3/8” Washed Rock delivery in a Redi-mix truck

Our 39 Meter and 47 Meter pump trucks can supply any size job

pic 3.jpg
pic 6.jpg

Our Portable plant can service any on-site job


Color options available as onsite additives

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