Haas is readily capable to provide the labor, supervision, equipment, and materials that are required to complete demolition jobs safely, efficiently and with high quality. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


Houses, Multi-level commercial structures, retail structures, industrial plants, hospitals, parking garages, and schools are all examples of buildings we demolish. In some cases, projects may require more intricate partial demolition and we have that expertise as well. We are experienced in working in all types of projects and work with a network of subcontractors as needed.


Our Fleet:

  • 55 Quad-axle Dumps with Tarps

  • Semi Tractor with End Dumps and Tag Trailers 

  • 57 Excavators 

  • 77 Front-End Loaders

  • 39 Skid Steers

Completed Projects:

  • Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire- 125,000 S.F. (5 Story)

  • Davies Center in Eau Claire- (3 Story)

  • Strum Elementary in Strum

  • Washburn County Block 9- (12 Buildings)

  • Whitehall Pump House

  • Post Office in Eau Claire