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Company History

Haas Sons, Inc. of Eau Claire and Thorp, WI has 55 years of experience providing services to central and western Wisconsin. We have customers from Eau Claire to Wausau and La Crosse to Hayward. Our company is family owned and run and started by Dave Haas (a father) whose children continue to watch it grow. 

Although Dave Haas has been inactive in the business for years now, the legacy

of Dave and Pauline Haas still rings true within the fabric of the company. Hard work

and unquestionable ethics have never changed in a business that has grown from

hauling lime to the agricultural industry in 1961, to the sophisticated and integrated

full service company that exists today.

                                                            Today- sons Philip, Steve, Gary and Darrel Haas, along with their sons- Jason, Jake, Craig,                                                                 Derek, Calvin, Wesley, and Brandon Haas, continue the legacy of Dave and Pauline, and sit                                                               at the center of the business that has grown to include trucking, grading, site work, sewer                                                                   and water and crushing. Each brother manages a component of the business. Excavators and End-loaders were utilized early on in the loading and unloading of lime. Excavation work started then, but flourished as their sons started graduating from school. Street Utility work escalated in the mid 1980’s as well as the crushing business.

The company entered the Redi-mix business in 1996 and currently owns plants in Eau Claire, Bloomer, Ladysmith, Wilson and Thorp, WI. In 2006, significant investments were made to transition into the highly technological field of GPS systems.The company then started to seek out jobs within a 100-mile radius of Thorp.

Safety is paramount in a Haas Sons operation. “We work carefully to meet every regulation that has to do with safety,” Darrel explained. “Our sons are coming into the business in a much different way than we did as kids and we have to approach safety as our highest priority for our employee’s and our family’s sake.”

Third generation family members are now very much a part of Haas Sons,

a very firmly rooted family business which is an integral part of

Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley.

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