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Diversity and Bidding Information

Diversity- Our Goal

Haas, Inc is committed to building a more diverse construction industry. Creating opportunities for new employees and businesses is critical to Haas' success and to the long-term health of the construction industry. Striving to get a more diverse workforce is a large part of every  project, regardless of contract requirements.

Our goal is to create a strong workforce and a wide range of diverse subcontractors to ensure that the benefits of construction work are shared among the whole community. We have long-term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers that promote diversity in construction trades. We actively engage the subcontracting community to help optimize the opportunities for minorities, women, and small businesses on all of our projects. 

DBE's and Bidding Information

Our project management procedures make sure everyone has a chance to work on our job sites and that firms grow from the experience.  We currently look for subcontractors and suppliers to quote Aggregates, Concrete Paving, Erosion Control, Landscaping, Pavement Marking, Sawing Pavement, Electrical, Signs/Posts/Markers, Survey, Traffic Control, Trucking, and areas we self-perform ourselves. We encourage all subcontractors to utilize DBE trucking and DBE supplier firms.

When quoting to Haas:

1. DBE participation can be achieved through purchasing materials from DBE suppliers, using DBE subcontractors and/or trucking firms.

2. Please review and respond with your detailed quote highlighting the projects and work items you are performing or suppling.

3. These quotes should include all costs required to complete the items you propose to perform including labor, equipment, materials, and related bonding & insurance.

4. Please get your quotes in at least 24 hours before the letting date to help assure we can assist you with any questions.  Email your quotes to or fax them to 715-669-7489

5. Your quote will be evaluated based on the amount of DBE participation your company is able to provide when compared to other quotes of the same work


If you have any questions or need any assistance related to bidding, quoting, or projects:

-Visit the WisDOT HCCI Website at:

-Contact Craig Haas in our office at 75-669-5469 or email 

Are you interested in becoming a DBE Partner?

Haas is always looking to build working relationships with new business's. If you are interested or are looking to setup a DBE business please visit: 


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