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203 E. Birch St

Thorp, WI  54771



Haas Transport is based out of Eau Claire and Thorp and provides general trucking services around Central and Western Wisconsin. With our top-of-the-line trucks and friendly drivers, we  provide you the materials your project needs. Give us a call today!

Our Fleet:

  • 55 Quad-axle Dumps with Tarps

  • 38 Quad-axle Dumps with heated boxes for seasonal hauling

  • Semi Tractors with 8 axle combination for heavy hauling

  • Semi Tractors with End Dumps and Tag Trailers 

  • 11 Pneumatic Tankers

We Offer:

  • Commercial, Construction and Private Trucking

  • Rock,  Sand, Gravel and  Dirt Sales with Trucking

  • Snow Removal Trucking 

  • Trucking includes Contaminated Soils, Blacktop/concrete, and Wet Batching